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Zurich is like a city from a fairy tale. Streets fragrant with chocolate invite you for long walks, and in the nearby area, you'll also find mountains, pastures, a large lake, and a river. Simply put, Zurich has everything you could wish for on your trip to Switzerland.

Thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, Zurich is great for relaxation and unwinding in small cafes. At the same time, it's a popular place for spending honeymoons and romantic travels with your significant other.

What you definitely shouldn't miss in Zurich

Specific Cuisine

Stadtjäger sausage, cheese fondue in bread, honey biscuits tirggel, sautéed veal Geschnetzeltes, and other local specialties are definitely not to be missed during your visit to Zurich.


A restaurant serves where food is served in complete darkness. Visually impaired staff handle preparation and service. They use top ingredients for a unique gastronomic experience.

Beyer Clock and Watch Museum

Swiss watches are a guarantee of quality, which you can be convinced of in Beyer's store on Bahnhofstrasse. It also includes a museum dedicated to the art of watchmaking.



The Grossmünster Cathedral is one of the three main churches in Zurich. The construction of the current church began around 1100 and was completed around 1220. The cathedral also played an important role in the history of the Protestant Reformation. Legend has it that the cathedral is built on the former graveyard of Saints Felix and Regula, the patrons of the city. A magnificent view is offered as you boat along the Limmat, if it's not frozen of course.

You will admire the unique stained glass windows by German painter Sigmar Polke and bronze doors by Otto Münch.

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