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The capital city of Great Britain, an amazing place for lovers of both traditional and modern architecture, British culture, and above all, history. That's exactly what London is. In the centre, you'll find a unique historical atmosphere, monuments spanning centuries, and legendary English pubs.

Whether on a day trip or a full-fledged holiday, London offers enjoyment for families, couples, and individuals alike. The entire city is brimming with museums, theatres, art exhibitions, well-maintained parks, and entertaining attractions.

What you definitely shouldn't miss in London

Buckingham palace

The extensive residence of the British royal family, led by the current King Charles III, is a popular and sought-after London attraction. Get a glimpse into the daily life of the British elite with blue blood.

The British Museum

Embark on a journey to all corners of the world and discover the millennia-old history of humanity in one of the world's finest museums. Precious originals from ancient Asia to Renaissance Europe are literally within your reach there.

Tower of London

The famous London fortress and prison made life unpleasant for many criminals, but today it will entertain you with its numerous exhibitions. Don't forget to greet the local ravens, the guardians of the royal crown.


Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a magnificent monastery complex that attracts an impressive million tourists from all over the world every year. It is known primarily for hosting British aristocracy weddings and also as a filming location for the popular Harry Potter film series.

Strolling through the sunlit corridors adorned with colorful stained glass will delight both fans of the wizarding world and enthusiasts of Gothic architecture. The abbey is also the final resting place for many renowned artists and thinkers. You can pay tribute to individuals like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Thomas Hardy, and Stephen Hawking there.

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