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Krakow is one of the most beautiful European cities, brimming with stunning landmarks, excellent food, and an array of activities for everyone. It appeals to history buffs as well as those traveling to Poland for fun and culture.

In the old town, you can look forward to independent galleries and museums, small shops, and especially alternative bars which, in the evening after dark, take on an ambiance of times gone by.

What you shouldn't miss in Krakow

Stained Glass Museum

Krakow is firmly associated with the tradition of decorated glass production, and in the Stained Glass Museum, you will learn absolutely everything about this art. Additionally, you will take home a handmade glass souvenir.


The Wawel Hill complex, with its royal castle and museum, is the most visited landmark in Krakow. The castle was the residence of Polish kings for centuries, while the museum hosts Renaissance and Oriental exhibitions.


The famous market square in the heart of Krakow entices with spices, the typical Polish vodka Zubrowka, and much more. The marketplace has stood in the city center since the 13th century and is open for you every day.

Tickets for the train connection Prague-Krakow, Krakow-Prague, can be reserved only for the next 14 days. Thank you for understanding.



Strolling from the center of Krakow, you will reach the enchanting and unique Kazimierz Jewish quarter. You'll be charmed by cozy cafes, designer bars, and also there are seven synagogues to see on Szeroka Street. Remu, still a functioning Krakow synagogue, is definitely worth a visit, next to which lies one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe, built in 1551. Kazimierz is also renowned for its night bars with live music and excellent Polish beer.

Warm up in one of the local galleries and taste the fantastic local cuisine. We recommend trying the traditional pierogi and the Krakow ring-shaped bread obwarzanek.

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