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What is the Klima Ticket?

The KlimaTicket is an Austrian statutory discount that can be used with certain train carriers in Austria. It is also valid on public transport services. KlimaTicket allows you to use all scheduled services on different carriers throughout Austria. From October 26 2021, the Klima Ticket can be used for travels with RegioJet throughout Austria and up to the first stop across the border. That means you can travel from Austria to Breclav in the Czech Republic and Hegyeshalom in Hungary. Travelling around Austria has never been easier! The KlimaTicket can be purchased by anyone and is not limited to Austrian residents.

Why Klima Ticket?


You can use the ticket on several carriers within Austria.


If you travel to Austria regularly, the KlimaTicket is also beneficial from a financial point of view.


The Klima Ticket aims to make the usage of public transport as easy and convenient as possible in an environmentally friendly way.

On which RegioJet routes can you use the KlimaTicket?

To travel on RegioJet trains using the Klima Ticket, you will need a seat reservation. Without a seat reservation, you can only travel in a Low cost (without service charge) an only if there is a seat available. You can book a seat reservation ticket on the web, using the reservation system.

What does the KlimaTicket look like?

The KlimaTicket is a plastic card valid for one year. You can buy it at the (distribution partner) sale points or online. To obtain the card, you need to fill in a form and the card will be sent to you within 30 days. In the meantime, you will receive a provisional confirmation. You can also fill in the form at a RegioJet branch in Vienna from 1 January 2022.

What does the KlimaTicket look like?

Your questions regarding the Klima Ticket

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