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Parking with a train ticket

The RegioJet company offers you FREE parking in parking lots (car parks) in front of the Brno - Židenice, Zábřeh and Česká Třebová railway stations. You can book a parking space together with a return ticket as an additional service in the booking system.

You can also used public parking spaces at the Havířov, Třinec-centre, and Bystřice railway stations. These are also FREE. At the Hranice station it is possible to use public parking spaces in front of the station building, parking fee 5 CZK / 24h. The condition for free parking is purchasing a return ticket for a RegioJet train. It is valid for purchasing a ticket min. 1 hour before the train departure.

Have a look at individual parking spaces/lots, and read the instruction on how to book free parking.

Important note: A RegioJet return ticket with an additional parking service must be active at the time of parking (ie not canceled).

Brno-Židenice parking

  • The free parking lot can be used in the case of return within 23 hours on the day of departure, incl. the return journey (i.e. time from parking the car to leaving the parking lot).
  • During the online booking procedure, opt for the additional service: Brno-Židenice free parking (during the second step, when choosing the seat – under the car/wagon diagram).
  • Confirmation of the additional service ordered can be found at the end of the email you receive as confirmation of payment of your ticket.
  • Arrive at a designated RegioJet parking area (marked by a panel with the RegioJet logo and parking symbol). Please park so that a continuous double row of vehicles forms in the middle of the parking area. Be careful not to restrict departure and arrival to other parkers.
  • There are 40 parking spaces.
  • IMPORTANT: Place the printed parking confirmation behind the front window of your car.
  • A RegioJet return ticket with an additional parking service must be active at the time of parking (ie not canceled).
  • The parking cannot be ordered via a text message (SMS), application, or m-pages.
  • The parking has to be ordered min. 1 hour before the train departure at the latest.

Important note: Cars in this secluded parking lot are checked by the RegioJet employees. In case of unauthorized parking, RegioJet reserves the right to remove the parked vehicle. The validity of parking confirmations is checked by RegioJet employees in a random manner.

The Regiojet a.s. parking area is not guarded, hence Regiojet a.s. is not responsible for any theft or damage made to the car.

Attention! No additional service is offered when the car park is fully occupied. Capacity is 40 spaces.

GPS coordinates: 49.203651684188 N, 16.637740234629 E

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