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An entertaining portal for the whole journey

Connect to our "Regiojet - zluty" Wi-Fi network, enter to your browser, and have fun!

During your trip watch movies and the news, listen to music, read books or play games. We update our programme regularly. All you need is a laptop, tablet, cell phone, or you can buy a seat in the ASTRA coach with built-in LCD multimedia screens. You can borrow a headset free of charge from the on-board staff, so passengers do not disturb each other.

How does it work?

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi „Regiojet - zluty“.
  • Enter into the search engine and have fun.


E-books and podcasts

Detective stories, for children, audiobooks,..

Games and movies

Adventures, comedies, for children, documents...

News on board - economy, sport, finance, culture...

The passenger acknowledges that the provision of advertised extra services, in particular hot and cold drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi connection, connection to the entertainment portal, daily newspapers, steward assistance and other marketing bonuses, is entirely at the discretion of the carrier and the passenger is not entitled to their provision by concluding the contract of carriage. In case of insufficient time for service or in case of adverse circumstances, this service is not offered.