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Discover all the autumn colours of Europe

Discover all the autumn colours of Europe

and explore the most beautiful cities

If you are going to explore Europe, autumn is the perfect time of year for it. The holiday season is over, so there are no tourists, crowded streets, sweltering heat or high prices. Many cities have a wonderful atmosphere in autumn, which encourages you to take long walks through the streets and admire the sights during the day. In the evening, when it gets cold, you can warm up in a cafe.

Choose your favourite city and go discover the beauties of Europe by train or by bus with us.

Our tips for autumn destinations



from €5,90

Exhibitions, festivals and cultural events right in the historic centre of the city.



from €27,90

Modern metropolis preserving its historical charm.



from €10,40

Legendary gastronomy in cosy restaurants and a breath-taking views from the banks of the Danube.



from €4,90

Fairy-tale castles, magical evening atmosphere and unique folklore in the streets.



from €10,90

The former seat of Polish kings. A city with a rich history and many interesting attractions.



from €17,90

Exhibitions and museums, cafes, great music festivals and bars.


The city of love and elegance, that's Paris. Romantic boulevards, historical landmarks, and a world-renowned art scene offer you an unforgettable experience. The autumnal French capital is truly a unique destination that will enchant you in every way.

Go on a trip to Paris with us.


Rich history and a vibrant atmosphere, that's London. Iconic landmarks like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace, along with diverse culture, are simply worth seeing. London is a place where the past meets the present and is waiting just for you.

Go on a trip to London with us.


Romantic remnants of ancient architecture, the heart of Italian culture and history, that's Rome. Iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, Vatican, and Trevi Fountain, along with diverse culture, are worth a visit. Explore the cradle of European culture and book your ticket.

Go on a trip to Rome with us.

Where will you go with us?

Take advantage of great prices and choose from our recommended destinations. Travel across Europe with our yellow trains and buses and fully enjoy all the colours of autumn.

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