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Frequently asked questions

Before departure

  • How can I get a RegioJet bus or train ticket?

  • How can I cancel the ticket?

  • Do I need to print the ticket?

  • Is it possible to book and then pay for the ticket on board of a train or a bus?

  • Can I buy a ticket without booking in advance just before the departure of the bus?

  • Can I buy a ticket on board of the train, without booking in advance?

  • How can I change personal information on the RegioJet Pay?

  • Is it possible to pay by payment card on board of buses and trains?

  • Where can I find my stop?

  • How do I know if the seat is in the direction of train movement, or against it?

  • We will travel as a group; is it possible?

  • At what age can a minor travel by bus/train unaccompanied?

  • What is the power of attorney for?

  • Is it possible to use a child safety seat?

  • How can I transport animals on RegioJet trains?

  • How can I transport an animal on RegioJet buses?

  • How can I transport my bicycle on a train or a bus?

  • Is it possible to travel by train with a pram?

  • What kinds of documents can you travel with abroad?

  • I want to rent a yellow bus for a tour/company event/school trip/private event. Can you help me?

During the journey

  • Will the train/bus wait for me if I am delayed?

  • I just missed my train/bus. Will my ticket be refunded?

  • What services do you offer and what is the equipment of buses?

  • What is the availability of Wi-Fi networks?

  • My bus/train was delayed, will I be entitled to a fare refund (compensation)?

  • Do I have to request compensation or is the compensation amount refunded automatically?

  • Where can I collect the compensation amount in cash?

After the journey

  • How can I get a tax receipt for the ticket?

  • What is the e-questionnaire that you receive after finishing your jorney for?

  • Where can I submit feedback or a claim?